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Password change required

Dear students, dear colleagues,

after more than three weeks for a change of the password, we have, as announced, blocked all passwords not yet changed and the corresponding accounts on the 3.6.2020 for security reasons.
This was necessary to counteract the risk of password decryption.

What do I do if my account has been deactivated?

First of all, make sure that your account has been deactivated and no password mistake is the case. To check that try to log in at
If this works but you are unable to check your email or cannot log in to your work computer or connect to a fileshare, then change your password again. If you have entered a new, secure password after the attack, you can currently enter this password again.
If you only changed your old password slightly or not at all, you should choose a new, secure password.

If you can no longer log in at
we need this form filled out : its password change

and the front of your official ID and a mobile phone number (for sending the password) or an alternative email address. (We do not need all the data on the ID card to confirm your identity. First name, surname, date of birth and the validity of the identity card are important. The ID number in the upper right corner is desirable.

In the form provided, you can enter the mobile phone number so that we can store it in our system and you can reset your password yourself in future.

Please send us the completed form and the front of your official ID to

Below you will find instructions for changing your password via the RUB Identity Management web interface without a chip card.

Below you can find various instructions for changing your password.

You have received a request to change your password. This can have the following reasons:

1) You have not yet changed the password for your personal RUB LoginID.
2) You have not yet changed the password for a combination service for which you are responsible.
3) You are on the forwarding list for a combo service for which you are not responsible. In this case you do not need to do anything.

You can do the following to check:
1) Personal RUB LoginID:
Login at with your personal RUB LoginID. Under "Password Management" you can see when you last changed your password. If you changed the password after May 12th, 2 pm you don't need to do anything.
2) Combi service:
Via the button "back" you get back to the main menu. Under "Account information" you will see combination services for which you are responsible. Please check for each combination service whether the password has been changed after 12.5, 2 pm as described in 1).

If you have successfully checked points 1 and 2, you have already made all necessary password changes and can consider the mail as completed. 

RUB Identity-Management Webinterface

german instruction   (720.7 kB)