Rental of Technical Equipment (AV)

For teaching and scientific operations, IT.SERVICES provides media technology for the creation of video and audio recordings for RUB members to borrow free of charge.

Via the media lending service you can borrow technical equipment for the creation of video, audio projects and to support teaching.

Available rental equipment


Optimal mobile video conferencing solution for small and medium room sizes.

  • Ausleihe_mobiles_VKSystemCompact audio and video solution
  • plug-and-play via USB
  • good compatibility with video platforms
  • incl. tripod and wired additional boundary microphone

Quick Guide

All-in-one 360°-Kamera

  • compact audio and video solution
  • Plug-and-Play (USB)Meeting Owl - 360 All in one
  • good compatibility with video platforms

Quick Guide

For small film shoots and projects.

  • Two models: Shooting in max. 4K Ultra HD (3,840 x 2,160) possible / recording in max. Full HD possible 10x optical zoom
  • Photo mode adjustable
  • Image stabilization for blur-free recordings
  • Power supply via camera
  • Automatic adjustment of the audio range via the position of the video zoom

Possible additional equipment:

Ausleihkamera 4k inkl Mikro

  • Rental camera 4k incl MicroMicrophone expandable with small gun microphone (mono microphone)
  • Camera tripod with max. height 155cm, horizontal and vertical swiveling


Small AI-powered 4K PTZ webcam

  • Gesture control and tracking function
  • Omnidirectional microphones with noise reduction (audio recording for up to 3m)
  • 4x digital zoom

Compact desktop visualizer for displaying magnified objects.


  • loaner reading camera14x optical zoom possible
  • shadow-free illumination
  • Digital image output via HDMI


Small plug-and-play microphone for recording or video conferencing on your PC.Lending USB Microphone


  • Gooseneck USB 2.0 desktop microphone
  • Frequency range:
        50 - 20,000 Hz

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Portable recorder for versatile sound recording use. You can use the recorder for sound recordings (close-up, orchestral recordings, etc.) to be edited afterwards, or with connection to a PC directly as a microphone.

  • Handheld recorder
  • 5 microphone capsules for a wide range of applications (modes: XY, center/side, 2-channel, 4-channel surround recording)
  • recording formats: .wav and .mp3
  • built-in speaker and headphone input


Quick Guide

To expand given sound equipment.

  • Ausleih_FunkmikrofonieRadio microphone rental set:
    optionally hand-held, tie- or gooseneck microphone (incl. receiver station each)

Additional equipment

  • Audio interface for the translation of audio signalse

Active battery loudspeaker for sound reinforcement in rooms.

  • Rental active boxLoudspeaker with integrated radio receivers for handheld microphone (1x) and headset microphone (1x).
  • CD/ MP3 player
  • USB/SD connection
  • XLR input and output
  • Cinch input and output
  • Battery life up to 5 hours

Additional equipment

  • Speaker stand to increase the position

Mobile hands-free solution for conferences (Jabra Speak 710)

  • Fast connection of up to two interfaces (for conferences of up to 12 people)
  • plug-and-play connectivity
  • up to 15 hours battery life

Chainable USB handsfree (Aver Fone 540).

  • Flexible connectivity allows use for different room situations:
    • Option 1: One main speakerphone, up to four boundary microphones.
    • Option 2: One main speakerphone, up to two additional handsfree microphones
  • Noise reduction

  • Lamp projector or hybrid projector
  • 2100 to 4100 ansilumen
  • Resolution: 1024x768, 1920 x 1080
  • Connections: HDMI / DVI / VGA / S-Video / Cinch In (depending on device)
  • 230cm x 170cm - front and rear projection
  • 260cm x 170cm - front projection
  • 310cm x 235cm - rear projection
  • 350cm x 260cm - front projection

Equipment booking

Important to know
  • The lending of media technology equipment only takes place after booking/appointment confirmation
  • Please submit your request well in advance so that we can prepare the equipment  
  • The lending and return location is the media office (IA 0-171)
  • The lending to support teaching is free of charge (please enter a course number); lending for events is subject to a borrowing fee (for loans for theses, disputations, etc., please write this in the course number-field)

Booking editing suites and recording studio

You want to edit your video material or produce professional audio recordings? In our professional sound studio and video editing suites you can edit your videos and audio yourself.

Booking form


Basic conditions for a loan:

Price list for technology loans outside of courses:

Major event planned?

Guests and members of the RUB who need support in the preparation and realization of events that are not courses can contact the event agency UNIversaal of the RUB.



Office: IA E0 171