Digital submission of theses

For the digital submission of theses at Ruhr University Bochum, IT.SERVICES operates the moodle-based platform Submit-Exam. Support for Submit-Exam is provided by Zentrum für Wissenschaftsdidaktik and IT.SERVICES.


At Ruhr University Bochum, the digital submission of theses is regulated in Amtliche Bekanntmachung 1566:

Rahmenordnung der Ruhr-Universität Bochum zur elektronischen Einreichung von Abschlussarbeiten vom 12.06.2023

Until the launch of E-Studierendenakte, the moodle-based platform Submit-Exam is provided by IT.SERVICES as an option for the digital submission of theses. The usage of Submit-Exam is not mandatory. Whether and in which scope Submit-Exam is used, is decided by the study programme coordinators and the examination offices within the departments.
The E-Assessment-Team at IT.SERVICES and the RUBeL-Team at Zentrum für Wissenschaftsdidaktik offer guidance and support for the setup of the examination office sections, accounts and the usage of Submit-Exam in general.

During summer semester 2023 the piloting phase of Submit-Exam took place. The platform has been introduced and presented in several central information workshops. If you would like individual support and/or an introduction to Submit-Exam, please contact us via e-mail:

You can imagine Submit-Exam like a digital inbox of an examination office. Students can access Submit-Exam via one-time enrolment keys, which are provided by their examination office.

After successfully submitting their thesis, the students receive an automatic confirmation via e-mail. Additonally, their examination office gets an automatic notification that the thesis has been submitted. The responsible examination office also grants the examiners access to the digitally submitted theses.

You can find short guides to the usage of Submit-Exam in the section
Information & Help.